Margy Levine Young

A.k.a. Margaret Levine Young, if you want to be formal.


Why do you care who I am? Because I’ve co-written a bunch of “…For Dummies” books for the Wiley Technology Group and a few “Complete Reference” books for Osborne/McGraw-Hill and maybe you’ve read them!

My best-selling book is The Internet For Dummies, with John R. Levine and Carol Baroudi. the 14th Edition has been out for a couple of years, and I doubt there will be another one, because it appears that everyone already has a copy.

Or if you’d prefer a totally out-of-date book, how about The Complete Guide to PC-File? It’s about PC-File version 5.01, the classic DOS-based shareware database program. I’ve run out of copies of the book, but I still have permission from the software publisher to distribute copies of PC-File 5.01.

Here are some sermons, testimonials, talks, and articles I’ve written over the years.

CoLab Coop

I’m also involved with CoLab Coop, a worker-owned web development cooperative with members all over the world. It’s a group of young(er than I am) people who create websites for organizations that are making the world a better place.

Unitarian Universalism

My husband Jordan and I are Unitarian Universalists (UUs). I help run their website and mailing lists as their part-time Web Team Manager. I speak from time to time at the Champlain Valley UU Society, including about my legacy of slavery.

Thanks to John Levine for this Web server, not to mention all kinds of other Internet-related help and support he’s given me over the years.