Novel in Progress: 10 A. S., Ten Years After Superman

It started one day when I was arguing with the ghost of Joseph Campbell. He was claiming that modern culture had lost the ability to create new collective mythologies, and that the only significant modern mythology was in the individual works of authors like Joyce and Mann. I countered that there was plenty of new collective mythology, plenty of new characters who had transcended their original creators and gone on to become something more. “Like who?” he asked. And I answered, “Like Superman.” He rolled his eyes, and then I set out to prove him wrong.

So I set out to write 10 A.S., Ten Years After Superman. It may take me a while to finish. But the first eight chapters are done now, and you can get the PDF files from the links that follow. The versions below are the July 2004 versions. Only Chapter 8 is new in 2004. No new scenes or characters have been added to the first seven chapters with this revision.

Chapter 1. Calling For Help

Chapter 2. House of Secrets

Chapter 3. Flawed Crystal

Chapter 4. Luck

Chapter 5. Sons

Chapter 6. Angels

Chapter 7. Longings

Chapter 8. Myths